Peaceful Self Process

I see the Peaceful Self as essentially YOU as a Soulful person remembering at all times that you are essentially Spirit. From that place as Peaceful Self you approach life in a calm, curious, wise, loving and compassionate way. Remembering you are the Peaceful Self has a tremendous healing effect putting everything into perspective reinforcing the good that exists in you and everyone

Your life becomes clearer and you are able to make better choices for you and everyone. Yes, at times you will “miss the mark” and forget the Peaceful Self you are.  Your emotions will take over and you won’t make the healthy choices you need to. No worries, you can simply pull yourself back to “center” through the Peaceful Self Process that I teach and put things right again. 

Through the Peaceful Self Process I use in my practice you will also be shown how to effectively with your thoughts and feelings so that you can life a more creative and fruitful life. 

I’ve developed the Peaceful Self Process over decades now learning from everything I have done, including my professional counseling practice, best-selling books, retreats, radio programs, and my Soul to Spirit website (which when I ran it was the third largest spirituality and personal growth site on the Internet).

To date I have helped tens of thousands of people live a better and more peaceful life. My clients over the years have run the gamut from the desperate and even homeless, to the rich and powerful. I’ve had the opportunity to work with people in all kinds of living conditions, at all ages, and have realized that in the end, it really is true — what makes life worthwhile is knowing who you really are as a Soul, (the Peaceful Self), so that no matter what happens in life you can stay within your spiritual core and come from that place of inner wisdom and knowing.

Life is also about relationships and learning to love and be loved in return. That is why another major quest in my life has been to learn what love is. In my own life and in working with thousands of people, I have learned that love is not codependency (giving to the point of your own depletion). Love is not lust (focusing only on the outer appearance of others and what they can give to you in the way of power, pleasure, or security). Love is not addiction (romance and sex addictions included). And, most of all love is not abuse (attempting to control and over-power others in the “name of love”).  Love is also not about just hanging in there for decades with someone you are unhappy with just because society says you should, or abandoning relationships too quickly because they no longer “feel good.” To truly love others requires wisdom and skill. Every act of real love also expands the field of love, meaning that we and others learn to be more loving and awake to who we really are as SOULS. 

The more we learn what love really is, the more we attract it. The more we understand how to love and attract real love the more peaceful we feel. Peace by the way is not a state of everything being just calm and happy. Peace is like being in the eye of a storm in a hurricane. You remain centered, clear, awake, and focused. Peace is like being able to stay in a meditative state that opens you up to the intuition that reveals with greater accuracy what you need to do in any situation so that real love can come forth. 

Peace also comes from self-acceptance. That requires seeing yourself and others clearly — their outer flaws, and their inner cores. The more clearly we see ourselves and others the more we are aware of the right action and take that right action with greater skill and love. In regards to relationships, sometimes that will mean we stay, sometimes it will mean we walk away, but no matter what we do if we have done it well it means the love for ourselves and others will remain in our hearts.

Peace also comes from qualities we talk about but find at times more difficult to cultivate – gratitude, compassion, loving kindness, being in the present moment, knowing who we really are as Divine souls living within a human body, who sometimes forgets the beauty, power, wisdom, and courage inside and regardless knows how and when to reach out and get the support we all need to remember who we are as Souls and loving human beings again.

That is my intention – to help you find your Peaceful Self.

Want to work with me? Then know that whether I work with you as a counselor or lead you on a retreat one-on-one where I live in Ojai, CA or virtually through the phone or Skype/Zoom, I want you to remember who you are as the Peaceful Self.  As I work with you, I will hold you in a compassionate space to help you understand why you are experiencing what you are. Best of all I will help you get free from thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are no longer serving you. And, once again you will remember you are the Peaceful Self too. 

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