Respecting Yourself – What Are You Really Worth While Dating?

takebacklifesmallYou have just met someone. That guy/gal makes you feel good. You get some attention. You may be complimented a lot or a little. You are thrilled and hopeful that maybe this person could finally be the one. You go for it. A few weeks or months later you feel sad, lonely, and wonder what happened? Though a lot of things could have caused the ending, one reason may have been that you invested too much of yourself into the relationship too quickly.

We live in an era where we are sexually liberated, hook ups happen all the time, and making someone wait for sex seems old fashioned or is labeled as some sort of religious hangup. Though I have no issue with two people enjoying each other physically, religious notions set aside, there are some good reasons if you are looking for a serious relationship to wait to have sex. The main reason as I see has to do with your worth.

Think about it. The average “cheap” hooker in Los Angeles gets $100 for a quick lay. According to this internet link How Much I Make Being a Hooker,this hooker makes $120 for a half hour of sexual interaction, $245 for an hour, and up to $900 for one sexual encounter if certain things are asked for. This is an average hooker. A high class call girl can make up to $3000 to $6000 for one night and not even have sex with a client. I know this because I once had a client who ran a call girl agency from Las Vegas who used to tell me about it her business, which by the way she was trying to get out of.

So, let me ask you this? If a hooker on the street in Los Angeles who will pretty much sleep with anyone has someone invest at least $100 in the encounter, how much investment is someone making with you? Especially if you have a lot to offer?  How much to you value yourself? Did the person you are dating even spend $50 bucks on just your dinner before wanting to go to bed with you?  Did the person treat you with respect? Or, immediately you were supposed to make the investment with them (of your emotions, body, health) without hardly doing anything for you in return?

Yes, it may have been old-fashioned to wait and make the other person show you respect before you “gave away the cookie” as one popular book on dating calls it. Or, it may just be proving to yourself and others that your heart, your body, your overall well being is of value and needs to be respected. If some women are smart enough to demand that time with them is at least worth anywhere from between $100 to $3000 of an investment, why not ask that the person you are with do the same. He or she doesn’t have to put out cash. After all I am not advocating you be a hooker or a call girl or call guy. But that person should value and respect you by investing time and attention in you. That person needs to be caring and consistent. That person needs to demonstrate a capacity to respect him or herself as well as other people. Old-fashioned?  Not in my opinion. I just think people in general are WORTHY of it.

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