Where Shall I Go for Retreat?


I care a lot about your ability to take a retreat.  That is why I have created my retreats to be taken either in Ojai, CA where I live, or virtually so that you go can go through them in a variety of places and get support from me over Skype, Zoom, on the phone, and with the support of many of the audio meditations I have created for you.

Though I am ready to support you in a retreat even in your own home, ideally a retreat is a time to get away from your life. That means getting into an environment that is healing, beautiful, inspiring, nurturing, and revitalizing.  The location of your retreat can either enhance or diminish this.  Below is a brief guide of how to choose the location of your retreat with care so that you can make the most of your retreat experience.

inspire721. A Place Dedicated to Retreat. The most ideal setting for your retreat is a place dedicated to the notion of retreat.  Ideally it is in nature, has beautiful accommodations and views, is tranquil, and if it has activities they are focused on things like spirituality, health, wellness, and emotional healing. It is not too stimulating. Other guests understand that parties or loud activities are not what others are there for.  There are places inside and out to relax, heal, reflect, and enjoy. For the purpose of Peaceful Self Retreats I also recommend that you do not go to a retreat center with a great deal of daily activities. Remember I am designing a retreat especially for you and though I may incorporate some of the activities a retreat center you go to provides, I will have activities created for you as well. Even then, I want to be sure you have time to retreat, and not be on a busy schedule of things to do.That is why I give you plenty of down time along with the experiences on your schedule. Finally, be sure that if you are not coming to the Ojai, California area where I live to work with me face to face, you have adequate internet or phone support in your chosen retreat location so I can work with you through Skype, Zoom or on the phone.

shell_beach62. A Hotel or Cottage. Many hotels, motels, or cottages can offer you an ideal place for retreat even if they are not dedicated as retreat centers.  In your choice of hotel, motel or cottage it is important as much as possible to try to make sure it has most or all of the following elements: a) It is in a natural and beautiful setting. b) The accommodations are beautiful with beautiful views. c) It is peaceful and is able to provide you with quiet.  Given these basics it should be easy to find a place to carry out a retreat we provide for you, though again make sure you have adequate internet support in your retreat choice so we can work with you through Skype.

home43. Your Home.  Though not the most ideal setting I understand that sometimes you may not be able to afford to leave home for your retreat.  Knowing this you can still turn your home into a retreat like setting. To start with make sure your home is clean, picked up, and take some time to beautify it in preparation for your retreat. Make sure you are able to have quiet time within it so you will not be distracted from what you are setting out to do (and be).  Also, take time to think about what natural settings you may be able to get into during the day for some of the exercises we will give you. Ideally, you also have Internet capacity so I can communicate with you through Skype or Zoom. Or, we can speak together on the phone.




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