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Voted best Spiritual Retreat in 2017

After years of experience running our retreats as of 2018 we are going through a refinement and shift in how our retreats are delivered.  Previously, retreats allowed you to spend approximately one to two hours a day with us.  Based upon the feedback we kept receiving, we have expanded the amount of time you spend with us throughout the day to maximize your ability to get into a greater state of peace.  Each day now includes six hours of time with us giving you more of a complete immersion in what we call the Peaceful Self Process.  Please review the typical schedule of our retreats below.


Once you have expressed an interest to go on retreat with us, you will be given a series of handouts to help you set up your stay and communicate with us more fully regarding what you changes you most desire during your stay with us.

cropped-ojai-sacred-land.jpgTYPICAL DAY WITH US IN OJAI.

Each day you stay with us involves the following sessions. These sessions are build upon each other, so that the more days you stay with us, the deeper you will go allowing you to bring more healing and peace to your body, emotions, mind, and Spirit.


9:00 – 10:30 am Body Awareness Session.  Every morning of your retreat is designed to get you more present and centered through what we call a Meditative Yoga Stretch.  Suitable for anyone, this session helps you become more mindful of areas in your body that need attention. Through a one-on-one personalized approach you will be shown how to safely bring more energy and awareness into your body to free up places where your energy is blocked or stuck. Your 90 minute session also includes an opportunity for you to focus and calm your mind during the practice.  And, it ends with a deep relaxation session helping you to enter a state of calm and peace.

11:00 – Noon. Mind Training Session.  After a short break from your relaxing body awareness session, we will go through a session that allows you to examine the mental processes and thoughts that prevent you from having more peace, clarity, focus, and positivity in your mind. By examining your mind we will also help you understand the thought patterns and beliefs that are no  longer working for you. Best of all you will be shown how to cultivate patterns of thought that so work so that you are better able to approach your life in a fresh, clear, and more confident way.

Noon – 1:30 pm.  Meal Time and Rest.  Though meals are not provided by us, we do assist you with a list of places to eat, or inform you of the best places to shop if you want to make something to eat in your room. We also give you information about meal delivery services.


1:30 – 2:30 pm Spiritual & Emotional Training Session.  After you have had your meal time break, this session helps you examine how emotional difficulties you experience with yourself or with others may be preventing you away maintaining an inner state of peace. The session also helps you develop spiritual practices that are customized according to your belief system and needs to help you cope more effectively with difficult situations in your life.

2:30 – 4:30 pm Bliss Time.  Our goal is to help you end each day you in a state of bliss. We help you achieve this through our guided and meditative outings with us in nature, going with us to visit some of the local spiritual centers where we will do some work together, or having you enjoy a wonderful spa experience. Every day you are with us your “bliss time” will be different.  But, rest assured you will slip into your evening time in a state of bliss, joy, and peace.


Dr. Lisa Love


Come back to center and remember who you are as your “Peaceful Self.” No one else gives all I provide you with on a retreat. For decades my specialties have been primarily on spirituality, love, relationships, emotional healing, and most of all helping people become the Peaceful Self. To date, over the span of my career, I have helped literally ten’s of thousands of people through one-on-one counseling, leading them on retreats, through my best-selling books, radio programs, spirituality web site, as a dating adviser, meditation instructor and more. As you work with me I hold you in a compassionate space helping you breakthrough to release thoughts, feelings and behaviors that no longer serve you and prevent you from seeing who you really are as what I call your Peaceful Self.


DanaDANA KARPAIN  Dana feels honored to assist people, whether it is with a meditative yoga session or spiritual counseling session, in the sacred journey of finding their bliss. The aim of Yoga is a focused mind, which leads to a peaceful mind. A peaceful mind creates a peaceful body, bringing about a blissful state of being. Dana has studied and practiced yoga and meditation for over thirty years. Dana studied under the yoga master Sri Swami Satchidananda the founder of Yogaville and Integral Yoga®. At Yogaville he was ordained as an Integral Yoga Minister and Yoga Instructor. Dana is certified in Hatha Yoga Asana (Physical postures); Pranayama (Breath work); Dhyana (Meditation); Yoga Nidra (Deep relaxation); and Raja Yoga (Yogic philosophy). He has taught yoga, and assisted others with spiritual guidance, all over the world with his favorite realm being the here and now. Dana looks forward to traveling here with you whenever you wish! Breathe deeply and enjoy, Namaste!


Another change that has happened with our retreats in 2018 is our pricing. Previously, it was difficult to quote a base price because people would customize their retreats by adding on various activities at different rates. Now, we are offering a base rate for all our activities that come with our retreats. Also, our retreats used to be either 3, 5, or 7 days. Now, your retreat can be any number of days from only 1 day or more! For more information on pricing go here.



To show you these are real testimonials, the clients below have given permission to have their names, and at times even photos and websites, posted.

marysincavage3Photo (1)My Peaceful Self Retreat was everything I wanted/needed it to be. I was really wanting some guidance, but not wanting the crowds and hustle/bustle of a group retreat. Dr. Love customized one for me with the perfect amount of time with her easy materials to follow with a balance of down time and reflection. Dr. Love is a very centering, calm, and knowledgeable soul. I appreciated her ‘reading’ me and knowing how to put together the perfect workbook and meditations for me. My Spiritual Tour of Ojai with her was also spectacular and introspective. Overall, I felt the sessions and take-a-ways were worth it  and I have already referred two people who I hope will take adavantage of this gift. I will reach out to my personalized binder and meditations frequently. I left feeling very energized and excited to use all the new tools. I am grateful to have had these few days of retreat — Mary Sincavage


tabbyjanadoI cannot begin to tell you what this journey has done for me…and all because of your peaceful self program! The retreat was perfect. It was my journey…my work to do and Lisa was an excellent guide!  Regarding her counseling sessions, Wow! Lisa gave excellent feedback and her counseling was the best I have ever experienced.  I was completely lost to a world of agonizing emotional pain after several years of being in an abusive relationship. I was certain that nothing would change the way I felt…much less a 3 day retreat that Dr.Love personalized for me on short notice!!  As my counselor and spiritual guide she gave me the tools and insight to find my peace and center again …i am grateful and overjoyed to say …that I am my peaceful self — Tabby Janado, R.N.


pelican-logo Business Retreat Testimonial

“I enjoyed the design of our meditation retreat and the information flow was well organized. Lisa is very passionate about what she does. Her oratory throughout the meditation practices really helped guide me through the process. I enjoyed the breathing practices and never knew there were so many different techniques. The retreat was held in the perfect spot, very peaceful and serene. I can see the benefit of incorporating what I learned into my daily life to improve my life experiences.” — Jon Prior    “The meditation retreat we all went through was great and so personalized for our team. Love Lisa! The overall quality of the teaching and content was excellent. Dana (who taught the breathing exercises on the retreat) was terrific! He worked well with the group and kept everyone comfortable and within their abilities.” — Mitra Giles  “I loved how the retreat was customized for our business. The teaching was fabulous, user friendly, easy to follow and to participate in as well. Dana was exceptional and his breathing techniques were fantastic. I loved how Lisa chose a location for our retreat in the heart of Ojai. Though I was unsure what to expect, I knew it would be amazing and I was not let down. Lisa had a way of teaching us to look within ourselves to help us find peace. But most important she reminded how it is in humbling ourselves that we find growth and our true light. Worth every penny!” — Sylvia Sepulveda


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