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AFRAID TO LOVE: Each of us needs, and in many respects deserves love in our lives.  It is what helps us thrive and grow as a child, what gives us a measure of comfort, stability, and joy, so that we move out into life trusting others, and trusting ourselves to make our way through the tangles and thorns that life can be full of in a successful, loving, and undamaged way.  When we don’t get this, and many people don’t, it creates areas of uncertainty, vulnerability, and contradictory behaviors that can cause us to retreat in the face of love, even if it is real.  READ MORE

heartbreakHEALING AFTER A DIVORCE: Recently a client contacted me who had just made a decision to divorce.  The decision is one he had considered for some time and was not easy for him to make.  He and I had discussed the decision in one on one counseling sessions to make sure he felt it was the right thing to do.  After he made the decision he experienced a variety of emotions that included relief, exhilaration, and exhaustion.  “Stress is stress,” I reminded him.  “Any change in our lives invites stress, whether it is seen as a positive or negative change.”  READ MORE

Featured Image -- 331HOW TO ATTRACT REAL LOVE: Finally, after decades of confusion I figured it out.  It took me awhile, but at last (salutations to the great Etta James song), it happened. Real love entered my life!  But, it entered in a way I didn’t expect.  It happened after I got really clear, and I mean REALLY CLEAR, about what love looks like. READ MORE

17815660_lREMOVING NEGATIVE PEOPLE FROM YOUR LIFE: We become like the 5 people we surround ourselves with the most.  Especially in our Emotional Healing, Self Care and Visioning Retreats we focus on helping you take a careful look at who you surround yourself with and how doing so is impacting the course of your life. Getting clear about the importance of being around positive people and removing negative ones is critically important. READ MORE

facebook_retreats26WANT LOVE? LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF: One day it may occur to us to attempt a new way of relating. Instead of seeking out there, for the perfect partner, we undertake the mysterious process of learning to love ourselves. This involves a series of steps of cultivating attitudes of unconditional positive acceptance of who we are. READ MORE



  • RETREATS  — Articles about places to retreat and tips about how to retreat.
  • EMOTIONAL HEALING  — Articles about coping with various emotions and recovery from loss.
  • REAL LOVE — Articles regarding how to have a healthy relationship and how to recover from one that has ended.       
  • SELF CARE  — Articles regarding how to take better care of yourself, boundary setting & more.
  • STRESS RELIEF — Articles regarding the causes of stress and how to manage it.       
  •  SPIRITUAL RECONNECTION  — Articles about various spiritual practices and ways to get in touch with your Peaceful Self      
  • VISIONING  — Articles about how to discover your soul purpose and attract what you want in a spiritual way       
  •  OTHER — Various articles that do not fit in the categories above.
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