Soulful Music

Music has always been a huge part of my life.  Following are some tim_wheater_david_lordrecommendations of musicians that I encourage you to enjoy.  Their music can be used for inspiration, meditation or on a retreat.

Music For Retreat & Meditation.

deuter1Why music? For a long time I have been very aware of the importance of music in our lives.  The music we play impacts us in powerful ways.  The quality of the music and what the lyrics are saying condition our thoughts, feelings, and even actions in ways we are not always conscious of.  For example, when I was a teenage girl my boyfriend at the time took off over the summer.  There I was bereft and missing him like most teenage girls are inclined to do.  For weeks I sat in my bedroom playing the song All By Myself.  Over and over the song was reinforcing how lonely and alone I was.  No wonder I got so depressed and spent a beautiful summer mostly alone in my room.  I would have been far better off going out to enjoy the summer, validating what an amazing young woman I was, and basically sending him the message from a psychic level that he was really missing out.

deuter3Which brings me to the point of this post.  No matter what you are going through you have the power to change your view of what is happening as well as the mood you experience with it.  If you can do this through positive affirmations and looking at your beliefs and assumptions.  You can also do it through the power of music.  For decades now I have used music as a conscious tool to put me into the mood, state, belief systems even brain wave patterns I want to be in.  I pick music to calm me when stressed, lift my mood when down, direct any frustration into positive action, and most of all to act as a doorway into what I am now calling the Peaceful Self.

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