Emotional Healing Articles

4837537_lHEALING EMOTIONS TO BECOME THE PEACEFUL SELF: Water has long been the symbol for emotional states. In an ideal world your emotions remain calm like a tranquil lake allowing you to see clearly what is going on in your emotional life. Then you can calmly, lovingly, and joyfully respond in a way that leads your life and the lives of others in a more positive direction. READ MORE

Though for many the holidays are a time for happiness and joy, for others it can be a depressing time. Many years ago I remember the holidays being that way after I had come through a difficult loss. I just wanted to hide out and wait for the holiday season to be over. At the same time I dived deeper into my spiritual practice and learned even positive ways to cope. Before sharing ways to cope, here are some things that can get you down.  READ MORE



  • RETREATS  — Articles about places to retreat and tips about how to retreat.
  • EMOTIONAL HEALING  — Articles about coping with various emotions and recovery from loss.
  • REAL LOVE — Articles regarding how to have a healthy relationship and how to recover from one that has ended.       
  • SELF CARE  — Articles regarding how to take better care of yourself, boundary setting & more.
  • STRESS RELIEF — Articles regarding the causes of stress and how to manage it.       
  •  SPIRITUAL RECONNECTION  — Articles about various spiritual practices and ways to get in touch with your Peaceful Self      
  • VISIONING  — Articles about how to discover your soul purpose and attract what you want in a spiritual way       
  •  OTHER — Various articles that do not fit in the categories above.
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