How Long of a Retreat is Right for You?

inspire72For many busy people getting away on a retreat is not easy.  That is why we have designed the Peaceful Self Retreats to take place anywhere from your own home, to a get-a-way near where you live, to a place a bit (or a lot) farther away from you.  Naturally if you are really busy our three day retreat would work best. Though if you have more time, a five to seven day retreat is recommended.

Whether you do a retreat at home or travel somewhere, I work with you to make sure that everything is set up both before and after you return from your retreat to allow a smooth transition.  The last thing I want is for you to head back to your life after the retreat and be hit with the very same stress you sought to leave behind you.

facebook_retreats1Because it is important to me that you be able to integrate the retreat smoothly into your life, I recommend at least a half day to prepare for your retreat before you travel, and a half day to integrate your retreat when you return after you travel. Please keep this in mind when you plan a retreat with me and take the time off from work and family accordingly if you are able to. Still don’t worry too much about integration time. Before your retreat begins you will receive my Getting Ready for Retreat Guide that helps you plan for your retreat before you go.

In the meantime enjoy your retreat experience and do take time to look through this site to learn more about what I can do for you!

Peace, love, and light,


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