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Take Back Your Power & Love Yourself

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This humorous and insightful course helps you discover once and for all how to be a fully empowered woman by learning from the mistakes you may be making that prevent real love from entering your life the way you desire it to, whether you are in a relationship or not.

In this ecourse Dr. Lisa Love gives you insights and exercises in how to improve your own ability to attract love in your life by looking at the lives of nine fairy tale princesses (many of them from Disney movies) to show how they are really screwing up their chances for love, whether they intended to or not, and if you are not careful you may be hurting your chances as well.

After examining their (and your potential) mistakes, the course then shifts to clearly outline how they (and you) can love and be loved in life. But, that only happens when these princesses grow up into queens — women who have taken back their power, learned from their mistakes, and finally learned to love themselves so they can be loved in return in a healthy way.

Encouraging you to metaphorically evolve from being a naive princess to a queen in your own life, this course clearly shows you how to stop making mistakes that sabotage your chances for real love so you can take back your own power and love yourself in a healthy way. Then and only then can you too create a real happy ever full of real love where you can love and be loved in a powerful and satisfying way in return.


heartbreakHealing From Loss

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Get started on your process to help you heal from loss today!

The course is ideally taken as a mini-retreat over a period of five days where you dedicate yourself to the healing. It can also be taken more as a class where you move through the lessons combined with the audio and video meditations at your own pace over a few weeks.


visioningPeaceful Self Visioning Course

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Learn how to turn your dreams into a reality!

The course is ideally taken as a mini-retreat over a period of five days where you dedicate yourself step by step to getting clear on what you need to manifest at this point in your life from a spiritual perspective. You will also learn how to go beyond the vision into actually manifesting it in your life. The class combines readings with audio and video meditations that you can continue to learn from at any time.


LIVE CLASSES – Coming Soon in 2020

Becoming Human Class – Intro

What does it mean to be a fully awake and effective human being? This class helps you to discover you discover how a fully awake human being is able to master their lives especially in the way of work, love, creativity and money. Each week we will explore how you can more fully achieve mastery in all four of these areas in your life.

  • Four weeks. $60

Becoming Human Class – Healing the Gaps

As humans each of us face major obstacles that prevent us from living a happy human life. This class targets the main impediments that get in our way preventing us from having the work, love, creativity, and money we need to live as happily as we are meant to in this world.

  • Four weeks. $60

Becoming Soul Class — Intro.

Once we have reached a certain level of mastery in our lives, it is natural for us to feel a pull within to become something even more than human. This course introduces us to what it means to transform from a human being into a Soul-infused human being, where we can truly become change agents for the world.

  • Four weeks. $60

Meditation Class  — Intro.

Meditation is the main method to help us transform our lives. This class helps those who are new to meditation learn what meditation is, how it helps you in various ways, and how to get a good meditation practice started.

  • Four weeks $60



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