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womanlettinggoVISION TO REALITY BOARD: Yes, visioning boards are great, but those who have followed my work and are familiar with my best-selling book Beyond the Secret and it’s follow up book Feeling Good and Living Great, know I have a unique approach to Visioning and the Law of Attraction that isn’t seen much out there.  I begin with a spiritual approach, starting out by having you identify as your Spiritual Self, which I now call the Peaceful Self. READ MORE

Visualization can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Here are some tips to help you out. First, when you begin a visualization exercise, make sure your motive is good. Visualization techniques are not just about creating your own health, wealth, and happiness, but about finding out how your increased health, wealth, and happiness can also be used to help others achieve these same goals in their lives. By adding in the right motivation, in a sense we invite “Divine participation” into our creative visualization efforts. READ MORE



  • RETREATS  — Articles about places to retreat and tips about how to retreat.
  • EMOTIONAL HEALING  — Articles about coping with various emotions and recovery from loss.
  • REAL LOVE — Articles regarding how to have a healthy relationship and how to recover from one that has ended.       
  • SELF CARE  — Articles regarding how to take better care of yourself, boundary setting & more.
  • STRESS RELIEF — Articles regarding the causes of stress and how to manage it.       
  •  SPIRITUAL RECONNECTION  — Articles about various spiritual practices and ways to get in touch with your Peaceful Self      
  • VISIONING  — Articles about how to discover your soul purpose and attract what you want in a spiritual way       
  •  OTHER — Various articles that do not fit in the categories above.
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