Creating a Good Detox Retreat


Spring is a great time for cleansing your body of toxins. So naturally, it occurred to me to research where to go close to California to undertake a detox retreat, as well as to look into once more how to do a satisfying detox retreat right at home.

For starters I looked into five places to go and stay at. Here are some I researched below:

  1. Optimal Health Institute in San Diego, CA
  2. Sedona’s Wellness Retreat, AZ.
  3. The Ranch in Malibu, CA;
  4. Rejuvinate with Jan in Palm Springs, CA;
  5. Vida Cleanse in Desert Hot Springs, CA

On the surface each place looked like it had a lot to offer. I was especially interested in the Optimal Health Institute as I used to live in San Diego and knew about its positive reputation. But, wow —  the price!  After taking time to research each of the above places (including making phone calls), I discovered that the average you will pay for a 7 day detox retreat is about $3000 once you included the cost of staying there. True, some of the retreats above include a colonic, a few yoga classes, and even some classes on how to juice and eat well, but once you throw in travel costs, a massage or two, an extra colonic, a sauna bath, and a few other services it may be up to $4000 for a week before you are done.

Obviously, there are people out there who can easily afford $3000 to $4000 a week for a detox and you may be one of them. But, what if you are not? Can you still do a detox retreat?  Yes, you can.  You can detox at home, which is what I am going to be doing in another few weeks, and have done before.

Before you detox at home here are some things I recommend.

  1. First, learn how to cleanse. Cleanses shouldn’t be done lightly. If you have never done a cleanse before, I recommend starting with two to three days at most. Whatever you decide, it is best to get informed. Do your research on the internet as to what is involved in cleanses and the potential side effects. If you have medical issues you might even want to go to a doctor, naturopath, or cleansing professional to let them know you want to cleanse and see if one is good for you.
  2. Second, pick a time to cleanse. Some cleanses are short enough and light enough you can go through one even while you are at work. Other people who want a more extensive cleanse may have to schedule the time off from work in order to do one. Whatever you pick make sure you plan ahead so the cleansing time works for you.
  3. Third, get your home ready by making it as clean as possible at least a week before your detox. There is nothing worse than detoxing in a home that feels cluttered and unclean. Since the point of a detox is to help you feel clean and fresh, it feels good to take time to get your house clean ideally using products to clean that are toxin free.
  4. Fourth, set up your cleanse.  You can do this by getting products from your local health food store, or from a cleansing company. I’ve used Renew Life, Metagenics, and the products by Arise & Shine, which I have settled on as my favorite. You might also consider Juice from the Raw products, especially in the way of juice for the entire day being delivered to you in combination with some of the cleansing herbs that come from the other companies I have listed above. Of course, if you are motivated you can buy your own veggies and create fresh juice everyday yourself, which is the best way to go, if you are not tired while cleansing doing so.
  5. Fifth, get psychologically prepared to cleanse.  Sticking with a cleanse if often a mental game. How will you handle the fatigue, the potential headaches, the possible boredom, the food cravings?  What about the emotional issues that can come up as you release toxins from your body?  Who is there to support you on that?  The more support you have, the easier it will be to move through.
  6. Sixth, know what to add on to your cleanse.  Adding things into a cleanse can also help you keep busy and supported. Find a local massage therapist and a person who gives colonics who you trust in your area and do at least one of each during a cleanse. Some people may have access to a sauna in their apartment or condo complex. Schedule in some time there as well. You can also look for YouTube videos, meditations, books and music to help you detox your mind and emotions in addition to you body.
  7. Seventh, slowly ease into the start of your cleanse. Ideally one or even two weeks in advance of your cleanse start to eliminate alcohol, caffeine, animal foods, dairy and sugar from your diet. If possible eat as many alkaline foods are you are able to. Below is a great chart of foods to eat and avoid. The chart can be found here as well.
  8. Eighth, plan ahead how you will come out of your cleanse. Diving back into poor eating habits is the last thing you should do after a cleanse. Better yet, use the chart below and slowly ease your way back into eating solid foods by staying with those that are mostly alkaline or close to neutral. The chart below will help you know what to do.


To see the list above more clearly, enlarge your viewing screen. 

In the end, an at home cleanse will cost you about $500 – $1400 for a week.  That includes the herbs for your cleanse, juices/teas/protein drinks (delivered or made yourself), someone to clean your house before you start (if you don’t feel like it), colonics (they average about $65), and massagea (or two with an average of $65 – $90).  Compared to what it costs to do a detox somewhere else ($3000 – $4000), for the same money your at home detox could even look like this:

High End Home Detox Costs for One Week

  1. Someone to Clean Your House Before You Start – $100
  2. Cleansing Herbs – $250
  3. Juices, teas, protein drinks (made yourself or ordered) – $250
  4. Colonics – $65 x 2 = $130
  5. Massages – $90 x 3 = $270
  6. Phone Support – 6 thirty minute sessions x $50 = $300

With all that support this is only $1400 for a week long detox at home. And, of course you can cut back and do the minimum of cleansing herbs and juices for only about $500. In conclusion a home detox retreat may not be as exotic, but it is much more reasonable. Compared to going somewhere for $3500 – $4000 with travel and lodging, you could do an average of 3 high end home retreats all the way to 8 low end home retreats a year. That is quite a difference.

To your detox!

Peace – Love – Light,



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