Removing Negative People From Your Life

We become like the 5 people we surround ourselves with the most.  Especially in our Emotional Healing, Self Care and Visioning Retreats we focus on helping you take a careful look at who you surround yourself with and how doing so is impacting the course of your life.

Getting clear about the importance of being around positive people and removing negative ones is critically important.  Yes, as the Peaceful Self ideally you can be around anyone, negative or not, and remain that peaceful eye at the center of the storm.  That is what our Peaceful Self Process teaches you.  It shows you how to be a positive force influences your world and the world around you for good, despite the negativity you encounter. But, that only happens if you are at the center, which then gives you the power and knowledge to influence others in a positive way, even if they are toxic to you.  Most of us cannot do that.  Especially in regards to those we are most consistently in intimate contact with.

You want to change your life?  You want to learn to stay at the center as the Peaceful Self?  Get clear about who you need to be around to help you get there and stay there.  If need be, imagine you are around those people even if you are not.  Imagination alone helps put you in that positive vibration.  And, listen to this video by Les Brown to help inspire you along the path to doing this.

Peace – Love – Light



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