Vision to Reality Board


Yes, visioning boards are great, but those who have followed my work and are familiar with my best-selling book Beyond the Secret and it’s follow up book Feeling Good and Living Great, know I have a unique approach to Visioning and the Law of Attraction that isn’t seen much out there.  I begin with a spiritual approach, starting out by having you identify as your Spiritual Self, which I now call the Peaceful Self.

From there I show you how to create a vision that is in accordance with your highest and greatest good.  Then, I take you through four levels of mind to work out step by step how your vision can become a reality in the world.  Because of my decades of training as a psychologist, I then put the focus on the shadow in yourself and others that my stop you from succeeding in making that vision a reality.  That includes looking deeper at the needs underlying the creation of your vision and emotional patterns of acting and reacting that may sabotage you.  Finally, I show you how to work through these so they don’t block or stop you.  The end result?  Your vision becomes a reality in the tangible world.

Considering all the steps I go through above,  I reinvented the vision board to include all the above steps in one handy visual image you can refer to everyday.  The participants of our Peaceful Self Visioning Retreat use it and have been very excited by it.

Want to get a Vision to Reality board yourself?  There is still time to enroll in the Peaceful Self Visioning Retreat. You can go through an individual Visioning Retreat with me, or have me set up a Peaceful Self Visioning Retreatfor your group or business.


Peace, love, and light!

Dr. Lisa Love

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