Living Oneness

Oneness is far more than a mental concept.  It is easy to say “we are all One.”  It is a far different matter to realize the truth of it.  Oneness is a realization –  of Self, of Christ Consciousness and of your Buddhic nature.   People have called this realization by many different names including enlightenment.  It is an awakening to the “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”  It is a movement into an identification with Oneness.  I am THAT I am.  No separation.  I am you, you are me, and everyone and everything that is is ONE.

Easier said than done.  According to some esoteric traditions that represent the inner meaning of various faiths, enlightenment as it is typically understood is just one step along the way of living oneness. Shifting from an emotional aspiration towards oneness, to a mental conceptualization of Oneness to a realization of Oneness, to a living from and as Oneness all require a series of enlightenments, or expansions of consciousness.  The mystical state that helps you be “born again into a new kingdom”, or enter emptiness to understand paradoxically fullness, though essential have been over-emphasized as if one has arrived, when in many ways one has only begun.

Yes, we are One.  But, what does that really mean?  What is it like to LIVE Oneness.  I do not pretend to have all the answers on this.  But, I do intend to open up and enter a dialogue based upon my personal experiences and reflections.  I have actually pondered upon this for decades, but have always been reticent to publicly share.  At last it feels it is time to do so.

Peace – Love – Light,


NOTES ABOUT COMMENTS ON THESE POSTS:  When we come from the heart we are seeking understanding, insight compassion, wisdom and empathy.  I welcome your comments and insights.  For the sake of living oneness on this blog I ask that any posts also seek to 1) shed light, 2) speak from a place of understanding and empathy, 3) reveal an attempt to come from a compassionate and wise space.  Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you in this post and in posts to come.

DR. LISA LOVE trains people in the path of Living Oneness by utilizing the Peaceful Self Process. in her counseling with them and through her Peaceful Self Retreats.

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