Why the Peaceful Self Process?

On the surface the Peaceful Self appears to be a way to describe that fact that you remain in a peaceful state.  In short, “I, Lisa, am peaceful.”  This is well and good.  A big part of the Peaceful Self Process is helping you remain in a peaceful state.

Having said this a few questions need to be considered.

  1. What does it mean to be peaceful?
  2. Who are you?

What it means to be peaceful. 

To begin with being peaceful does not include:

  • Passivity
  • Lethargy
  • Resignation
  • Helplessness
  • Codependency

Being peaceful does include:

  • Inner quiet
  • Calm awareness
  • Engaged inquiry
  • Clear emotions
  • Compassionate action

To be peaceful it helps to use what I call the Peaceful Self Process whereby one enters into a state of quiet recognition and affirmation of who you really are as the Peaceful Self, to allow you to simply become aware of what is without judgment.  After this state is attained you lift into quiet observation and then calmly activate your mind through a conscious inquiry. As you do this you keep the emotions calm and quiet.  From this place you use skillful means, harmless intent, and compassionate understanding in lift out of reactions in or order to expand the field of love, wisdom, harmony, peace and Oneness.

The more you identify as the Peaceful Self, the greater mastery you will have at becoming a calm and quiet observer, using your mind to gain insight, to free yourself from emotional reactions and triggers. Instead you will learn to witness and embrace every feeling as you  enter into an objective inquiry regarding the gifts these emotions are giving you.

As your emotions calm down the contents of your mind are also increasingly witnessed and revealed.  Now, pride, criticism, judgment, and sense of mental superiority or inferiority are confronted.  The more these mental states are observed and accepted with compassion, the greater the likelihood of clearing and dissolving these difficult mental states.  What after all is the need to feel mentally superior to another?  It is a desire for the ego to be special.  What is the reason you may feel mentally inferior to another?  You might be too afraid to be who you are meant to be in this world.

Noticing these states with humor you can then lift more into the Peaceful Self.  Now, the mind settles down.  It enters into greater stillness. It can even move into profound states of peace and quiet.  Wisdom, which includes compassion, comes into play.  The mind no longer judges in the sense of good and bad.  Rather, the mind is illuminated with a keen sense of understanding, insight, and discernment.  What is, IS.  It can be changed or accepted as needed.  No emotional struggle.  No metal agitation.  Just peace and realization of the Self within.

The above process is impossible to achieve, however, if one does not know essentially who one is as the Peaceful Self.

Who you think you are is probably one of the most essential realizations of your entire life (if not the most).  Your sense of “I” typically continues to evolve throughout your life, and some believe throughout numerous lifetimes.  Though in future posts I will become more elaborate, in general  it is important to shift from viewing yourself as an individualized separate sense of self (i.e. Lisa), to your spiritual self, or Peaceful Self.

When you are identified with your individualized separate self (i.e. Lisa), you operate out of a sense of limitation.  It is as if you are locked inside the limitation and cannot step outside of it to observe, heal, or work with it.  That is why in our Peaceful Self Retreats we teach you how to become the witness of your individualized self so that you can better observe your thoughts, feelings, and actions in a more calm and detached way.  Becoming the witness is an important step, but beyond this it is important to shift into becoming your spiritual self, or Peaceful Self.

Because the Peaceful Self Process teaches you to become this, I deliberately refrain from talking about your spiritual self as a higher self. The phrase higher self implies that your spiritual self is outside of you and therefore is not you.  This is a natural thing to do, but at some point it shifts.  Instead of feeling like a separated individual helpless and passive, you switch and begin to realize that you are a spiritual individual who is deliberately trying to evolve the separated self you think you are (i.e. Lisa), into a greater state of realization.

In some traditions they call this process “Self-Realization.”  In the Christian tradition they call it, “Christ in you the hope of glory.”  In Buddhist traditions they call it your “Buddha nature.”  For various reasons I call it the Peaceful Self.

And, in the Peaceful Self Process I reveal to you the advantages of discovering who you really are as that spiritual self, or the Peaceful Self, which becomes an adjective as well as a verb to describe how you increasingly approach yourself, others, and the entire world.


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