How I Attracted Real Love Into My Life

Finally, after decades of confusion I figured it out.  It took me awhile, but at last (salutations to the great Etta James song), it happened. Real love entered my life!  But, it entered in a way I didn’t expect.  It happened after I got really clear, and I mean REALLY CLEAR, about what love looks like!

And, here is the big surprise, it didn’t come through a person. Yes, I know all the stories about how you are thunderstruck when your eyes lock and the magical chemistry is there.  That does happen.  Beyond when it is simply physical lust, on a deeper level there is a mutual recognition of the heart and soul of each other in that eye lock.

It’s just what sustains that love in two people is their capacity to know where the source of love is, and to continue to access that source and radiate it out to each other at all times no matter what.  Ultimately, that source is Spirit, God, or what I call the Peaceful Self.  When that becomes your main connection, then whether you are single or in a relationship, you still have plenty of love in your life.  Whether you are spending time together or apart as a couple, you still feel that love and can source that love.

Yes, that love may come through other people, but it does not come from other people.  That is the big secret!  Get that one down and learn how to practice that in your life either as a single or a couple, and the love just flows and flows.

How do you make that happen?  How do you get that real love to flow?  That is what our Peaceful Self Real Love Retreats are all about.  Want to go on a retreat?  Contact us. We are happy to set one up for you to go on by yourself to discover how to attract more love into your life, or to set one up for you and your partner to go on together.  Don’t you deserve more love in your life?  We think so!  Let us guide you through a Peaceful Self Real Love Retreat now!

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