The Joy of Facilitating Your Retreat

Dr. Lisa Love

As far back as the 1990’s I (Dr. Lisa Love) was inspired to lead retreats for people.  At the time I led groups in Maui, Sedona, and on the Central Coast of California.  Though I still work individually with people along the lines of my many degrees in psychology and what I have written my best-selling books on (covering the topics of love, relationships, meditation, spirituality and the law of attraction), I enjoy helping people get away to do some more intensive work on themselves.

That is why it made sense that after a long period of writing and one-on-one counseling, I would come back to the idea of leading retreats. In short, I love helping people make shifts into a more positive, harmonious, peaceful, joyful, and loving way of living.  I also enjoy traveling to joyful and beautiful places to discover where to retreat next.

In addition to my one-on-one and group experience helping people psychologically and spiritually, I love the idea of personally designing these retreats for people who decide to work with me. For example, the other day I met a woman who overall would benefit from our SELF CARE Retreat. She definitely needed to learn to value herself more, build a support system, and set boundaries so that she was not being left alone so much.  Like so many people (especially women) she was great at loving, but not so great at being loved.  Still, she was also very tired to the point of burnout.  Though the RELAXATION Retreat might have helped her somewhat, being so tired and burned out showed me that she needed the REVITALIZATION Retreat even more.  Working with us we were able to create a two day retreat where she received a combination of information on how to receive care from others, while going through a series of exercises that would help her recharge her system.

In this retreat she also wanted more than just the retreat designed for her.  She wanted the one-on-one attention me as well.  I was able to help her through some difficult moments where she looked at how she gave her power away too easily to others.  With compassion I was able to help her understand how she deserved to be loved and taught her some great methods of learning to set boundaries with people who were not that loving.

So, that is a little bit about how I work.  Working with you I help you design a retreat you can do on your own.  Or, I help you work directly with us to speed the process up even more.  My goal is to make sure that at the end of your retreat you feel more whole, complete, loved, healed and of course peaceful!  Whether it is a typical one or two day retreat we create for you, or something much longer, I welcome you to work with me to discover a bit more of the PEACEFUL SELF you are!

Peace, love, and light!

Dr. Lisa Love

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