Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort

Are you in the mood for a beautiful ocean retreat?  If so, how do you know where to go?  In my life I’ve been lucky to spend time experiencing both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in the United States.  Living in California, one of my favorite places to go is the Central Coast of California, since I am able to get a way from the hustle and bustle of the city regions of where I have lived of San Diego, and areas in Orange County, CA.

Heading up to that region often, I am known to roam anywhere between Carmel to Big Sur to Cambria to Morro Bay to Shell Beach.  Since I used to live in Shell Beach (and at that time one home between me and the ocean), it remains my favorite location to go.  Next to Pismo Beach, Shell Beach is a little more on the upscale side making it a little pricy at times for extended stays.  The hotels are also a little more resort like than they are when I go to Morro Bay or Moonlight Beach in Cambria.  So, when I want a more quiet retreat, I might opt out of Shell Beach.  Still, there is a lot to be said for the spectacular ocean views from the places in Shell Beach.  Maybe that is why I still love to go there.


Though there a lot of great places to stay in the Shell Beach area, I was lucky enough to get a deal at Sea Crest Ocean Front Hotel so I just had to go.  To begin with every room has an ocean view.  Views range from very good to spectacular.  The rooms are reasonably spacious and quiet enough to give one a retreat feel.  I enjoyed sitting on the balcony, or writing in my journal while looking out at the ocean inside my room.

Though the Sea Crest is on a cliff (as are most Shell Beach hotels), there are stairs down to the ocean where I had fun going into some of the small caves nestled amongst the white cliff hills.  Because I was on a more contemplative retreat I didn’t socialize much with other people who were there, but I did enjoy being in the jacuzzi and pool (I was there in warmer weather), which as you can see also have awesome views.


As for the type of retreat that might be best for this place, I feel it would be best suited for a Self Care & Stress Relief Retreat and Visioning Retreat.  If you are doing a Self Care & Stress Relief Retreat and want to add in activities to do in the surrounding area, we are more than happy to help you plan some.  And, if you want to add in massages, or soaks in mineral hot springs to your retreat, we have a lot of information on that too.  If you want to do the couples version of the Real Love Retreat, I can help arrange some romantic interludes here as well.

Peace – Love – Light,

Dr. Lisa Love

www. Peaceful Self

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