Prices and Scheduling Your Retreat

A View of the Ojai Valley

As of 2018 all Peaceful Self Retreats are now 1 or more days depending on how long you want to be with us. Want to know how our retreats work? Go here.  

Each day you spend with us can be structured two ways.  You can either schedule a series of individual sessions or go through all the sessions below.


  • Body Awareness Session — $90
  • Mind Training Session — $150
  • Spiritual & Emotional Training Session — $150 
  • Bliss Time — $250  


Want to experience a full day with us?  This is the most economical choice. Schedule one or more full days with us and receive:

  1. All Four Sessions Above, which equals six full hours with us. Get the specifics of how we spend time with you here.
  2. Peaceful Self Retreat Workbook that includes reading and journaling material for you to review at your convenience during your stay, or delve into more when you return home.
  3. Audio and visual meditations to use during your retreat and after your retreat is done.
  4. Our Get Ready for Retreat Guide to help you make the most out of your retreat before, during and after you spend time with us.
  5.  Assistance in helping you make the most of your stay in Ojai, CA.


The price for your day changes depending on how many days you spend with us.  One full day equal $600 for all the above.  Two fulls days is $540 per day for all the above.  Three full days is $480 a day.  


It is free to do so.  Please email me at or call me directly at 805-233-4291 to answer your questions or discuss any of your concerns.


  1. Can I do one full day and then only do a session or two on subsequent days I stay with you? Yes, however to receive the discount rate you must book at least one full day with us. After that you may opt to do only individual sessions on subsequent days.
  2. Do you provide lodging for my retreat? To let you know we are not a retreat center. We do, however, work with some excellent places to retreat here in Ojai, CA., and are happy to provide you with information to help you find the best place to stay depending on your budget and other needs.
  3. Where do I meet with you for my sessions during the retreat? No worries! Unless you prefer otherwise we come to you at the place you have chosen to stay. Or, if you do not want us to meet you at your accommodations, you come to our studio. On a beautiful day we may also go to a quiet and private outdoor location if you prefer.
  4. Do you provide meals  for my retreat? Please understand, I am not a retreat center. Though we are with you throughout most of your retreat experience, we do not provide meals. We do, however, help you find the right places to eat, and let you know the best places to shop if you want to eat meals in your suite or room. We also know about meal delivery services that we are happy to suggest to you.
  5. What if I want to set up a retreat for my business?  We are available to set up a group retreat for your business. Cost varies depending on how many days your group comes (1 and 2 day retreats are available for groups), where they stay, and what their customized needs are. Talk to us directly regarding group and business retreats.
  6. Do you have a refund policy? Before we accept any payment from you, we provide you with a copy of our Confidentiality and Refund Agreement. It explains the terms for getting a full refund, a partial refund, a postponement of your retreat, or no refund if the terms for qualifying for a refund are not met.
  7. What is the best airport to use if I am coming to retreat with you in Ojai?  We recommend flying into the Santa Barbara or Oxnard airports as they are smaller, less stressful to fly in and out of, and closer to Ojai. If you want to fly into a major airport, Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is about a 90 minute drive away.  If you fly into Santa Barbara or Oxnard airports we are also more likely to be available to pick you up from the airport if you do not want to rent a car.  (Please note transportation costs apply to picking you up and dropping you off from airports).
  8. Will I need a car once I arrive in Ojai? If you do not drive yourself to Ojai, or do not want to rent a car at the airport, we will either pick you up, or provide you with the names of people can pick you up if we are not able to. (Please note transportation costs apply to picking you up and dropping you off from airports).  Once you are in Ojai, there are taxi and trolley services that can help you get around our small town. If you don’t rent a car, I advise that you stay  in downtown Ojai so you can easily access restaurants, spa services, shopping and grocery stores. You can also rent a bike to help you easily get around our small town.


diane-ruizI am so thankful for my retreat experience.  I felt very comfortable and supported in my journey.  The retreat was easy and relaxing. I especially liked the personal attention and how things were paced to meet my needs. Based on the insights I received, I feel I have greater clarity and confidence regarding how to move forward in my life.  Thanks again for this wonderful experience – Diane Ruiz, California Harmony Flowers.


UntitledWhen Lisa walked into our retreat space I immediately felt put at ease. Lisa created an air of safety and genuineness that eliminated any barriers or concerns and allowed me to be open to what she was presenting as well feeling comfortable asking any questions or sharing personal information. Her materials were organized in a way that made total sense to me. Using a “Vision to Reality” (not just a vision board) appealed to my practical mind. Experiencing her guided meditations helped reveal what my spirit thought was important for me to know and gave me greater access to the love and support available from the Divine. – Maria Kostelas


jasonrogerstestimonialAn excellent, enriching, and affirming retreat.  I appreciated the organized design of Dr. Lisa Love’s workbooks and formats given to me for my retreat. She touched on many concepts and beliefs that I already utilized, but this retreat more reaffirming and enlightening to me. Very rewarding and awesome!  – Jason Rogers of Jason Rogers Images.





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