Peaceful Self Retreats – In Person


Once you have expressed an interest to go on retreat with us, you will be given a series of handouts to help you set up your stay and communicate with us more fully regarding what changes you most desire during your stay with us.



Each day you stay with us the following sessions are available. Each session is designed to build upon one another allowing you to go deeper so you can bring more healing and peace to your body, emotions, mind, and Spirit.


9:00 – 10:30 am Body Awareness Session.  Start out your retreat by becoming more present and centered through a Meditative Yoga Stretch.  Suitable for anyone, this session helps you become more mindful of areas in your body that need attention. This one-on-one personalized approach you help you safely bring more energy and awareness into your body to free up places where your energy is blocked or stuck. Your 90 minute session also includes an opportunity for you to focus and calm your mind during the practice.  And, it ends with a deep relaxation session helping you to enter a state of calm and peace.

11:00 – Noon. Mind Training Session.  This session that allows you to examine the mental processes and thoughts that prevent you from having more peace, clarity, focus, and positivity in your life. After we examine the thought patterns and beliefs that are no  longer working for you, you will be given techniques to help you cultivate patterns of thought and increased awareness that allow you to approach your life in a fresh, clear, and more confident way.

Noon – 1:30 pm.  Meal Time and Rest.  Though meals are not provided by us, we do assist you with a list of places to eat, or inform you of the best places to shop if you want to make something to eat in your room. We also give you information about meal delivery services.



1:30 – 2:30 pm Spiritual & Emotional Training Session.  After you have had your meal time break, this session helps you examine the spiritual and emotional difficulties that prevent you from maintaining an inner state of peace. A series of spiritual practices customized according to your belief system are also shared to help you cope more effectively with difficult situations in your life.

2:30 – 4:30 pm Bliss Time.  Our goal is to help you end each day you in a state of bliss. To  achieve this we provide you with guided and meditative outings that include being in nature, doing work at some of the nearby spiritual centers, or giving you some spa time. Every day you are with us your “bliss time” will be different helping you slip into your evening time in a state of bliss, joy, and peace.

Interested? Learn more about Pricing and Frequently Asked Questions here.


Dr. Lisa Love


Come back to center and remember who you are as your “Peaceful Self.” No one else gives all I provide you with on a retreat. For decades my specialties have been primarily on spirituality, love, relationships, emotional healing, and most of all helping people become the Peaceful Self. To date, over the span of my career, I have helped literally ten’s of thousands of people through one-on-one counseling, leading them on retreats, through my best-selling books, radio programs, spirituality web site, as a dating adviser, meditation instructor and more. As you work with me I hold you in a compassionate space helping you breakthrough to release thoughts, feelings and behaviors that no longer serve you and prevent you from seeing who you really are as what I call your Peaceful Self.



As of 2018 I am retreats now last between one to seven days! Want more information on pricing — go here.

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