The Process

Who is the Peaceful Self? To put it simply it is the highest and best manifestation of you! As the Peaceful Self you are loving, compassionate, powerful, strong, wise, radiant, beautiful, and more! All that is required is for you to wake up and remember the Peaceful Self that not only resides inside you, it is you at a very deep level. You have simply forgotten the Peaceful Self you are. And, every time you forget you are the Peaceful Self you are more likely to fall into ways of being that create difficulty and turmoil in your life.

facebook_retreats23The Peaceful Self is not simply an idealized version of you. It is much more than this. The Peaceful Self existed before you came into being. And, it exists after you are no longer here. Though some refer to the Peaceful Self as your Higher Self, this is not really true. In the Peaceful Self Process we reveal how though there is some usefulness to thinking in terms of a higher and lower self, it does not really reflect the reality that the higher self, or Peaceful Self is you!

In the Peaceful Self Process we attempt to bridge who you believe yourself to be with the Peaceful Self you are. Then the expression of the Peaceful Self reflects more the qualities of the Peaceful Self (love, compassion, courage, strength, wisdom, etc.) no matter what is going on in your life.

inspire565What happens when you forget the Peaceful Self? Instead of facing what happens in life with qualities like love, compassion, wisdom, courage, power and so forth — the finite, limited you who you believe yourself to be — approaches life only around the impulses of  survival, pleasure, and power.  This finite and limited you no longer looks within to access peaceful solutions for living, it looks without. In doing so it can fall into destructive patterns such as:

  1. Becoming addicted to sex, drugs, alcohol, shopping, romance and more to feel less emptiness and pain.
  2. Getting angry and becoming controlling and abusive as a means of forcing others to provide the security, love, joy, and approval one feels is deserved.
  3. Acting in codependent, placating and overly sacrificial ways that leave you depleted, tired, and uncared for.
  4. Moving into shame, guilt, anxiety, anger, depression, loneliness, jealousy, feelings of abandonment or even despair because you no longer know how to access the qualities of the Peaceful Self.

facebook_retreats94But, there is a way out. You can remember who you really are as the Peaceful Self. In all our retreats we strive to break you out of the limited notion of the finite self as being “you” and bring you back to the unlimited and infinite Peaceful Self you are.  Searching within life gets  a lot more centered.  It flows.  You experience more joy in the moment.  No matter what happens “out there” inside you remain calm, open, curious, loving, and most of all peaceful!  That is what our Peaceful Self Retreats are all about.

Want additional support?  Discover the Peaceful Self as the ultimate source of love. Learn more about the Peaceful Self Process here. 

Peace – Love – Light,

Dr. Lisa Love

Want support with the above?  Contact me below.

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