Lagonita Lodge Retreat – Big Bear, CA

lagonitalodge2Yes, sometimes even I need to get away!  Having just completed a Spiritual Reconnection Retreat for a group of people and getting ready to begin a few individual retreats, I decided to take my own mini-retreat in between while visiting relatives in Big Bear, CA.

What made the trip here even more wonderful was my getting on and discovering that one of my favorite places to come in the past, had a Groupon discount listed there. That favorite place is Lagonita Lodge.

lagonitalodge3Officially Lagonita Lodge is a timeshare so they are not always available for public rental. They are also more like condos, or one bedroom apartments.  They come complete with fireplaces, fully stocked kitchens, and pretty much everything you need for a great get-a-way. They even have activities (like yoga) to participate in during the day.  Plus, they have a clubhouse, workout gym, outdoor jacuzzi and an indoor jacuzzi and pool. It is a timeshare and a family friendly place, so children are here and I imagine during the summer it could be quite busy and maybe not as quiet.  But, now is an out of season time to visit Big Bear, and wow, is it peaceful.  The streets into town were almost spooky empty.  It was so quiet.

lagonitalodge1Attached you will see my view off my own personal deck where I am sitting here writing in very pleasant weather.  The view is of the lake.  Big Bear Lake was created by a dam and at one time was considered the eighth wonder of the world because at the time it was the largest man made lake in existence.  (That is no longer the case).  Just to let you know my Groupon was not for a lake view condo.  But, when I arrived here, the place was so quiet, the man at the front desk gave me a lake front view no extra charge.

Oh, and how much was the Groupon?  Get this!  $69!   The Motel 6 down the street was going for $49.  $20 more for a one bedroom condo with a fireplace, classes, free internet, a jacuzzi and pool, and a great place to sit and view the lake.  Do check out for deals if you want to do an individual or group retreat with us.

I’ve been to Big Bear a  number of times in my life.  People come here mainly to ski and enjoy activities on the lake.  It is not the fanciest resort town and there are only a few spa amenities.  I don’t have time to report on the quality of them on this trip.  I will check them out on another trip and let you know.  Still, this turned into a wonderful get-a-way for me where I have allowed myself to recharge so that I can be fully present with all of you.  Ok, now the sun is setting on the lake. Time to go and enjoy this place some more.

Which, reminds me?  Want to do a retreat with me?  Contact me below.

Peace – Love – Light,



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