Healing Emotions to Become the Peaceful Self

4837537_lWater has long been the symbol for emotional states. In an ideal world your emotions remain calm like a tranquil lake allowing you to see clearly what is going on in your emotional life. Then you can calmly, lovingly, and joyfully respond in a way that leads your life and the lives of others in a more positive direction. Like water emotions don’t always remain calm.  They may become frozen leaving you out of touch with what you really feel.  That frozen anger, grief and confusion can sink you into depression.  Buried underneath like ice bergs your emotions then lurk waiting to jolt your life and send it off balance whenever your frozen emotions are touched upon during a cleanse or a sudden life crisis.  Out of seemingly nowhere you find yourself raging, complaining, or crying all the while wondering who this emotional person is that has now appeared and worried about what to do with him or her.

Yes, what do we do with the various levels of anger, sorrow, jealousy, confusion, fear, or manic happiness that emerge?  One of the best approaches I know of comes out of many ancient spiritual practices. It starts by remembering during any emotional upheaval who you really are.  In short, you become the witness or observer of your emotional state and remind yourself that you have this emotional reaction, but you are not this emotional reaction.  Who are you really?  You are what I refer to as the Peaceful Self.

Who is the Peaceful Self?  To put it simply it is the highest and best manifestation of you – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and physically.  Yet this Peaceful Self is more than just the ideal blueprint of you.  It is you!  And, though many people refer to the Peaceful Self as your Higher Self, and consider themselves to be the lower self, this is not really true.  If fact making the shift from Higher Self to Peaceful Self can be one of the most important things you do to greatly improve your handling of difficult emotions.

For example, let’s say you find yourself in a state of feeling really sad at the loss of someone you care about. That sadness is natural and in my strong opinion should be felt, not suppressed, as I believe there are no bad feelings. Rather every feeling has a gift to give you and all feelings are your friends.  What then is the gift sadness is trying to teach you?  On the surface one gift is it giving you is the lesson of learning how to let go of whatever you are attached to that you have now lost.  Doing so can be hard, but it is necessary for you to move on.  But, another and even more important gift sorrow is giving you, is its capacity to show you how to  open your heart so you can better express compassion for yourself and others.

Knowing this you now have three choices in regards to dealing with your sorrow.  One, is to refuse to let go causing you to stay depressed and feel hopeless.  By staying attached to what you have lost moving out of the sorrow is difficult even if you take medication to help you find a way to do so.  Two, you can feel depressed and call upon your Higher Self to help you through.  This can be a positive step because it is beneficial to open up to guidance (through prayer and meditation for example) to find a way out.  But, this approach is more like trickle-down economics.  You as a small helpless person down here hoping your Higher Self up there will trickle down some love and light to help you solve your emotional problem.  Third, you can change this approach and assert that even though you have this sorrow, you are not this sorrow.  You are the Peaceful Self.  You are eternal and beyond temporary emotional states. Knowing you have the sorrow, but you are not the sorrow helps you detach yourself from the emotion in such a way you can more calmly observe it, learn from it, and shift it as needed.  Better still, as the Peaceful Self you can now approach any problem or emotional state from a place of abundance because you now have access to plenty of love, light, and spiritual power to successfully resolve any problem that comes your way.

As the Peaceful Self you now heal this temporary state of sorrow by calming your emotions and talking your mind through it with a sense of compassion healing your pain like a soothing balm. You come to accept the loss knowing that you are not alone in your loss.  All human beings experience loss at some time in their lives. Realizing this your compassion widens out to all human beings.  Your heart literally breaks open giving you a new reason for living if only to be there for others in their sorrow so they too can heal.

There are many more examples of how the shift to the Peaceful Self helps you deal effectively with various emotional states and in future articles I will give more examples. For now, simply understand that only as you learn to step outside and observe the emotion you are experiencing can you really work with it and heal it effectively. And, the more you remember who you are as the Peaceful Self the quicker and easier it will be to bring different emotions you go through into a state of love and harmony.


Peace, love, and light!

Dr. Lisa Love

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