The Spiritual Use of the Law of Attraction and Money

Recently I had someone write me having read my Beyond the Secret book.  He felt frustrated because he thought it meant we should not have financial means to do what we need to do.  This is not the case.  The questions are:  Who are we?  What do we need to do?  What is the right use of finances to help along these lines?

I’ve been grappling with these questions for some time and have written articles that you can find in the notes on my blog here about money and it’s right use.  But, here are some summary tips.

1.  Know who you are.  If you are attracting as the ego (selfish separated self), you want to attract stuff mainly to show off, to prove how much better you are than everyone else, to give you a false sense of security.  If you are attracting as the soul or spiritual self you attract stuff to help you accomplish what you need to in service to others.

2.  Know what you need to do.  And, as a spiritual self that need is always service oriented.  Maybe your service is as a doctor, a healer, a teacher, an economist, a hairstylist, a scientist, a counselor, whatever.  The point is not what you are doing, but that you are doing it well with a mindset to help others.

3.  Practice right use.  That means look around you and see if you are truly taking care of your belongings and the things/people you are responsible for in a loving and care-full (versus care-less) manner.

  1. Are you using the space in your home well?
  2. Are you buying things you really need or just throwing them in a corner when you get them?
  3. Do you dispose of things too easily?
  4. Do you accumulate more debt than you can handle?
  5. Are you responsible or irresponsible with your finances?
  6. Are you making reckless bets and gambles that put not only your own well being, but the well being of many others on the line?
  7. Can you budget and follow a budget?
  8. Do you know how to save?
  9. Do you make investments that help a lot of people or mainly yourself?
  10. Do you buy things that are really good for you, or things that feed a sense of entitlement, addiction, self-indulgence?
  11. Are you content with what you have or are you always craving more?
  12. Can you practice gratitude and appreciation for what you do have, knowing around the planet there are many people who do not have what you do?
  13. And, if you have an abundance are you charitable well beyond just the 10% tithing some religions require of you?

These are all some key questions to get you started. And,  as you answer these questions in a healthy way the rest falls into place.  Money flows.  You have what you need, not what you “greed.”  You can live simply, so people can simply live.  You are a good steward of money, are charitable if you have an abundance.  You are peaceful and content.

Hope this helps.

Love and blessings,


Copyright 2011 by Dr. Lisa Love. All rights reserved.


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