Timber Creek Retreat House, MO.

Front of Timber Creek Retreat House, MO.

Not everyone who goes on a Peaceful Self Retreat  with me can afford the time or money to fly out to Ojai, CA. to be with me in person. That is why I also offer the Peaceful Self Retreat experience virtually at any location where you have access to the phone and internet. Recently, I had one such client who lived in Missouri and was hoping to retreat somewhere close to where she lived so she could get home to her children within half a days drive just in case she needed to. I was happy to accommodate her. Putting my knowledge of how to find a good potential retreat center to good use, I discovered Timber Creek Retreat House in Missouri about three hours from where she lived.

Tom waving hello standing next to his wife and with guests on retreat near the piano.

As I went through the website it seemed like an ideal place for her. Still, I wanted to be sure so I got on the phone and talked to one of the owner’s of the retreat center, Tom. Right away I was impressed with how attentive Tom was to my needs and also those of my client. He spent a great deal of time with me on the phone answering my questions so that I could be satisfied that my client would have a good experience there and would be able to work with me on her Peaceful Self Retreat in an easy manner. Tom was so warm, inviting and helpful I decided to take a gamble and told my client to at the very least book a room there as when I looked at the calendar they seemed to be filling up. I let her know if I found something better for her she could cancel the reservation within reason, however, neither she or I found anything we thought would give her quite the same retreat experience as this one, so within a month she left for her Peaceful Self Retreat experience, while staying at Timber Creek Retreat House a bed and breakfast retreat center located outside Kansas City, Missouri.

The back of Timber Creek Retreat House

As I tell you more about Timber Creek Retreat House be advised it is not Timber Creek Resort, which is also in Missouri.  I researched that place as well, and though it seemed like a nice place it seemed more like a family get-a-way place for fun than the kind of retreat atmosphere I was wanting for my client. Fortunately, I made the right call for my client because she reported that her stay at Timber Creek Retreat House was everything she and I had hoped for. Though officially a house, Timber Creek Retreat House, was large enough for my client to feel she could relax in her room, or do her retreat exercises in their Chapel, Sun Porch, main sitting room, or outside at her leisure.

View from the Chapel at Timber Creek Retreat House, MO

She felt she had plenty of privacy mixed in with companionship with others as she desired. Fortunately, she said she felt very nourished and cared for by all the people there with her and her biggest praises were for the staff who worked there, including Tom and his wife Beth who own the place. Their warmth, understanding, and support of my client through her Peaceful Self Retreat with me were very helpful. To accommodate this place I had also designed my client’s customized retreat in such a way she could enjoy some of the activities Tom and Beth and their staff provided at their retreat house including yoga, meditation, massages, walks and more.

The Sun Room at Timber Creek Retreat House, MO

The next thing my client raved about was the food. It was all healthy, nutritious, catered to  any special dietary needs people may have and best of all delicious. My client mentioned a number of times how good the food is. I was both relieved and happy. Remember, while you are working with me through the various exercises, meditations, and one-on-one counseling I create for you on your retreat to help you make breakthroughs, I also want you to feel nourished and relaxed. We are doing a special work together and it meant a lot to me to know that my client felt supported by Tom, Beth and others at their Timber Creek Retreat House.

One of the rooms guests can stay in at Timber Creek Retreat House, MO

I was also relieved to find out that their internet support was very good so that my client could easily access online the audio and video meditations I had given her to compliment the reading I had created for her to help her shift. As I sometimes do, I had decided to give her an additional exercise that I hadn’t anticipated her needing at first, and sent it to her as a .pdf file. She was able to access it with ease and told me it was one of the best exercises she received. As for our counseling sessions, we decided to do them over the phone instead of through Skype or Zoom. She did have to use the house phone as she had some trouble with her cell phone, but that worked out well and she was able to call from a private place where others could not hear and we were not disturbed.

A bridge leading from Timber Creek Retreat House, MO to the grounds outside

Overall, though I was not able to speak first hand about staying at Timber Creek Retreat House, I can say that the experience I had over the phone with Tom and the rave reviews my client gave it make me feel fully confident to endorse this place for other client’s who come to do a Peaceful Self Retreat with me who are in the Midwest area.  Timber Creek Retreat House seemed to be a perfect compliment to what I provide. Though I am sure they would respect someone wanting to not interact socially, while doing a Peaceful Self Retreat there, it did seem more like a place to also interact with other people on retreat as you choose to at meals, in the meditations, and just in general. For my client that was a welcome relief as she wanted to attract being more supported and nurtured in her life.  The staff at Timber Creek Retreat House did exactly that and my client felt that as she made the shifts with me in her Peaceful Self Retreat they were an excellent back-up support team. That meant a lot to me as well and I know I will recommend  Timber Creek Retreat House to my other clients who may not be able to retreat with me in person and are in the Midwest in the years to come.


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