Practicing Compassion Meditation

This meditation is preceded by five minutes of introduction explaining to you the benefits of compassion in your life by Nawang Khechog and Dean Ornish, M.D.  Then you are taken through a meditation to help you develop greater compassion for someone you are having difficulty with in your life.  The meditation is 13:44 minutes. This video is part of the Healing Rhythms spiritual “video game” from Wild Divine. What makes this video game so unique is the hardware known as IOM that goes on your fingertips and allows you to move through the video game by manipulating objects according to biofeedback indicators from your heart and mind.  In other words you can prove to yourself that you really are in a meditative state, because only when you are can you make certain things happen in the game!

Want to learn how to be more joyful and peaceful? Learn to meditate in my PEACEFUL SELF MEDITATION COURSE.  A great course for beginners to learn how to meditate. Complete with a series of lessons, videos by Dr. Lisa Love, and supplemental videos like the one above.

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