Coaching Payments

Thank you for your interest in doing one-on-one coaching with me.  As you may have been informed by me on the phone, my rates vary depending on the amount of time you decide to book with me.  Please note: Time is booked by the “block” of time, not by the hour.  For example, if you want to do 3 twenty minute sessions instead of an hour, or 2 thirty minute sessions, until you use up 60 minutes of time.  I also keep a record of all time used.

Rates are below:

$150  for 60 minutes (1 hour of time)

$250 for 120 minutes (2 hours of time)

$300 for 180 minutes (3 hours of time)

$400 for 240 minutes (4 hours of time)

Important!  Once you buy time it is NOT REFUNDABLE, though I will HONOR your time in SESSIONS until all your time is used, and there is no expiration date on when you have to use up your minutes with me. 


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