• EMOTIONAL HEALING  — Articles about coping with various emotions and recovery from loss.    
  • REAL LOVE — Articles regarding how to have a healthy relationship and how to recover from one that has ended.       
  • RETREATS  — Articles about places to retreat and tips about how to retreat.
  • SELF CARE  — Articles regarding how to take better care of yourself, boundary setting & more.
  • STRESS RELIEF — Articles regarding the causes of stress and how to manage it.       
  • SPIRITUAL RECONNECTION  — Articles about various spiritual practices and ways to get in touch with your Peaceful Self      
  • VISIONING  — Articles about how to discover your soul purpose and attract what you want in a spiritual way       
  •  OTHER — Various articles that do not fit in the categories above. 

path1LEADING YOU THROUGH A RETREAT: It is so rewarding to assist someone through a process where he or she can relax, let go of stress, heal and make breakthroughs improving greatly improve his or her life in a beautiful retreat setting. In all the retreats I lead people through, I create a unique experience where helping people let go of all that keeps them stuck and remember who they are as their Peaceful Self — that loving, joyful, calm person they know themselves to be underneath whatever they are going through.  READ MORE

cropped-cropped-peace.jpgONE ON ONE – COUNSELING: Thank you for taking the time to connect with me. I know choosing someone to assist you in life is an important decision. So, here is where I get a little time to let you know more about me. I started out early, like many people, intensely interested in spiritual practice. I was also hugely curious about love, relationships, creating the ideal life and helping people become what I call the Peaceful Self. READ MORE

Spiritual Tour of OjaiSPIRITUAL TOUR OF OJAI:  What gives Ojai that magical feeling? Why is it known as Shangri-La?  How did it come to be known as a spiritual community? Where are some of the spiritual centers in Ojai? Whether you are coming to Ojai to retreat with me, or are just in Ojai for a day trip on your own let me take you on a spiritual tour of Ojai. I visited Ojai for decades before making it my home primarily to experience it’s many special and spiritual qualities. But, what exactly are these?  Let me take you on a journey to show you. READ MORE

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